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Choosing your Tango Show in Buenos Aires


Choosing your Tango Show in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires there is a tango show for everyone, from passionate tangueros to curious tourists, from young adventurers looking for a low-budget tango experience to senior travellers after a more lavish night out.


For the shameless traveller

Take Tango lessons at Piazzolla Tango


If you are keen to give tango dancing a try, a tango dinner show with lessons will be perfect for you. Tango houses such as Complejo Tango and Piazzolla Tango include tango dancing lessons which precede an exquisite dinner followed by a beautiful, classical tango performance. It doesn't matter if you have a dancing partner or not, the important thing here is to have the right attitude so that you don’t miss out on the magic of Buenos Aires tango.


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For the romantic traveller

Don't miss the show and diner at Café los Angelitos


Looking for a romantic setting to enjoy an unforgettable night in Buenos Aires with your other half? Esquina Carlos Gardel provides an idyllic atmosphere with an excellent menu. Another intimate and glamorous tango house with an equally great menu is Cafe los Angelitos, a classic porteño café declared of cultural interest by the local government. Piazzolla Tango, located in the famous Galeria Güemes, also offers a romantic setting and high quality tango performance to ensure that you have a special and intimate evening with your couple.



For VIP traveller 

Live a great experience listening to Rojo Tango musicians


For those who prefer the timelessness of Parisian cabarets and the exclusivity of Puerto Madero, Rojo Tango is an exceptional tango house located in the glamorous Hotel Faena, with its unique rococo style. This is the perfect choice for travellers with a larger budget, looking for a luxury tango experience and to enjoy a special, unforgettable evening. As well as this, Gala Tango, the VIP brand of La Ventana Tango, offers an intimate tango show and a VIP service featuring renowned tango dancers and musicians to satisfy even the most demanding travellers. Best Seller tango shows, such as Senor Tango, Cafe Los Angelitos and Esquina Carlos Gardel also offer a top-notch tango experience in their VIP service, which includes an improved menu and selection of wines.


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For the avant-guarde traveller

Madero Tango offers a unique Tango experience


If you are looking for a more entertaining and upbeat tango evening then Tango Porteño will without doubt entertain you and satisfy your tango needs, with its excellent service and unbeatable orchestra. Another excellent choice for the more modern tango tastes is Madero Tango, which provides a stunning view over Puerto Madero and a tango show that combines traditional with modern tango in a unique and complete cultural experience. The third option for a modern tango show is the incredibly popular Senor Tango which offers a spectacular tango show with innovative lighting, a circular electronic stage and exclusive performance by its creator Mr Fernando Soler, the lord of tango in Buenos Aires!


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For the bohemian traveller

Enjoy a traditional show at El Viejo Almacen


If you want to fully immerse yourself in genuine Buenos Aires culture, amongst traditional tangueros and rhythms of Argentinean folklore, then you should consider a venue in the historical neighbourhood of San Telmo, such as El Viejo Almacen, La Ventana or Taconeando to get a taste of 1940's Buenos Aires.

El Querandí in San Telmo, or Esquina Homero Manzi - the most authentic tango cafe in Buenos Aires in the neighbourhood of Boedo - will also offer you an authentic tango experience, surrounded by families, porteños and genuine tango lovers.


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For the curious traveller

 Listen to Argentinian Tango at Sabor a Tango 


For travellers who aren't after an entire night of tango, and who would like to know more about Argentine folklore, Sabor a Tango will cater to your needs, for it is considered the tango show with the most outstanding folklore act, which include gaucho skills and dances. Other tango houses such as La Ventana and El Viejo Almacen also include andean music with flute players and a high quality gaucho dance.


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For families travelling with kids

 Enjoy the Argentinian Tango at Sabor a Tango 


All Buenos Aires tango houses welcome children of all ages and their tango shows are considered appropriate for the whole family. If you are travelling to Buenos Aires with kids the youngest travellers will probably enjoy the more theatrical shows like Madero Tango, or Sabor a Tango for the gaucho skills act. Each tango house has a different policy regarding children, but generally those under 10 years old only pay half price at the Buenos Aires tango dinner shows.



For the Libertarians

  The Tango Pride Show will surprise you!


For those who want to see a show that breaks free from traditions and rules, we recommend Tango Pride Show.  It is the only gay tango show in Buenos Aires, showcasing the history of tango and its role in society in an innovative way. In partnership with We Are Tango, Bsas4u offers a night of surprises that takes place in a bar in the heart of the tango district, Almagro. Here you will enjoy an experience about freedom, the reversal of dance roles, and the breaking of concepts.


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