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Christmas Tango Shows

A Christmas Party You Won't Forget!

The holiday season in Buenos Aires is the perfect opportunity to attend a Christmas tango show and enjoy a special evening with friends or family. Experience a characteristically elegant show especially designed for you to celebrate Christmas Eve in the best possible way. More than just a tango show, this special event includes a Christmas feast, unlimited drinks, a tango spectacular and a memorable party!

  1. US$260
    La-Ventana-Tango-Christmas-Eve-Show Sale

    Join in on the tango Christmas Eve celebration at La Ventana, one of the most classic tango houses in Buenos Aires, and celebrate Christmas like never before!

    Regular Price: US$260

    Special Price US$234

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  2. US$170
    Piazzolla-Tango-Christmas-Eve-Show Sale

    Piazzolla Tango has put together an amazing Christmas Eve tango night including a special tango show dancers and live orchestra - to celebrate this festive occasion in true Buenos Aires style!

    Regular Price: US$170

    Special Price US$149

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  3. US$260
    El-Viejo-Almacen-Christmas-Eve-Show Sale

    Spending Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires? Book an authentic Christmas celebration at El Viejo Almacén and enjoy an evening filled with the finest tango and festive Argentine traditions!

    Regular Price: US$260

    Special Price US$221

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  4. US$120
    Madero-Tango-Christmas-Eve-Show Sale

    Join in on the Madero Tango Christmas' Eve celebration and attend an innovative Christmas tango show with the most exclusive view of the docks of Puerto Madero and celebrate Christmas in Buenos Aires in style!

    Regular Price: US$120

    Special Price US$99

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  5. US$280
    Gala-Tango-Christmas-Eve-Show Sale

    Join in on the Christmas' Eve Eve celebrations at Gala Tango, the exclusive gala lounge of La Ventana in the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, and celebrate Christmas in style!

    Regular Price: US$280

    Special Price US$252

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