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Best Tours in Buenos Aires

Best tours in Buenos Aires

Our collection of Best Tours in Buenos Aires offers untold authentic travel adventures: visit the stunning surrounds of Santa Susana Estancia, sample of some of the country’s most exquisite boutique wines, or spend an evening at one of the city’s fabulous tango houses. However you want to occupy your time in this great city, make sure it’s in the company of bsas4u.

  1. Set in an impressive theatre adorned in full 1930’s Belle Epoque splendour, the fabulous Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show will take you back to the golden ages of Buenos Aires. Book now.

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  2. This Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour is the perfect way to explore all the iconic historical and cultural landmarks of Buenos Aires. Create your very own sightseeing itinerary. Book now.

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  3. Book a one way private transfer service from Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport to your hotel OR from your Hotel to Ezeiza Airport with this fast, easy and stress free way to book your Buenos Aires airport pick up service.

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  4. US$72
    Tigre and San Isidro Tour by Boat Sale

    Cruise down the breathtaking subtropical waterways of Delta del Paraná and visit the wonderfully alluring suburb of San Isidro on this scenic day tour from Buenos Aires.

    Regular Price: US$72

    Special Price US$61

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  5. Go on a day tour to the Gaucho Estancia Don Silvano and enjoy a breath of fresh air in the countryside of the Pampas just outside Buenos Aires and discover Argentina’s rich agricultural traditions at this Fiesta Gaucha!

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  6. US$85
    Cafe-de-los-Angelitos-tango-show Sale

    Charming ambience, wonderful music, sensual dancing Café de los Angelitos tango show is one of the best in town. Book now for an enthralling night of premium cultural entertainment.

    Regular Price: US$85

    Special Price US$66

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  7. US$162
    Day Tour to Colonia Sale

    The historic centre of Colonia del Sacramento is the perfect place to explore on foot. Book your spot, put on your most comfortable shoes and come enjoy a day trip from Buenos Aires, wandering around this beautiful Uruguayan city.

    Regular Price: US$162

    Special Price US$153

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  8. If there’s one activity you can’t miss on your vacation in Argentina, it’s a wine tasting in Buenos Aires! If you can’t make it to Argentina’s wine regions, savour Argentina’s exquisite regional wine flavours in a specialized Vinoteca in Buenos Aires!

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  9. Uncover the delights of Buenos Aires cuisine and learn how to prepare your very own local delicacies on this spectacular interactive food tour. A joy for the epicurious traveller.

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  10. US$269
    Tandem-Skydiving-Jump Sale

    The ultimate bucket-list adventure. Experience the thrill of a tandem skydive jump above the simply breathtaking Pampas landscapes around Buenos Aires. Book now.

    Regular Price: US$269

    Special Price US$239

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  11. Book this great Buenos Aires football tour to see Boca Juniors play live. Enjoy a Boca match at La Bombonera - Boca’s famous stadium in Buenos Aires. Experience live Argentina’s infamous passion for football!

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  12. US$59
    Piazzolla-Tango-Show Sale

    Showcasing tango’s beginnings up to its present, modernised versions - pioneered by the famous Astor Piazzolla – a visit to Piazzolla Tango is a must for any tango enthusiast.

    Regular Price: US$59

    Special Price US$47

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  13. US$145
    Fiesta-Gaucha-at-Estancia-Santa-Susana Sale

    Book this tour to the tranquil, picturesque surrounds of Santa Susana Estancia and spend a day immersed in the traditional Argentine gaucho culture. An authentic travel adventure.

    Regular Price: US$145

    Special Price US$137

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  14. Book a one way private transfer service from Buenos Aires Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport to your hotel or from your Hotel to Aeroparque with this fast, easy and stress free way to book your Buenos Aires airport pick up service.

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  15. US$33
    Madero-tango-show Sale

    Madero Tango offers a modern and original Tango Show at an exceptional location in Puerto Madero with the most exclusive views of Buenos Aires!

    Regular Price: US$33

    Special Price US$29

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  16. US$220
    Rojo-Tango-Hotel-Faena Sale

    The tango show with dinner at Rojo Tango offers the most exclusive tango show in Buenos Aires enjoy a night of pure luxury, a breath-taking tango show in an intimate setting, accompanied by champagne and mouth-watering cuisine.

    Regular Price: US$220

    Special Price US$200

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