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Historical Cafés of Buenos Aires Tour

Discover the beautiful Café Notables in Buenos Aires on this Buenos Aires city tour. Get to know some of the city’s select cafes designated as notable for their cultural and historical merit. Book this guided city tour and travel back in Buenos Aires’ past!


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  • Transfer to and from hotels in downtown Buenos Aires.
  • Bilingual guide.

Days and Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday (Time: to be arranged).


  • 4 hours approx.
  • See Notes for individual reservations.

Book this cultural and historical Notable Cafés City Tour in Buenos Aires and visit the cafés and bars that were labelled notable by the Buenos Aires Government. The Notable Cafes City Tour tells an exclusive history of Buenos Aires, its antiquity, architecture, infamous clientele, cultural events and the cafes important role in the history of Buenos Aires.

The Notable cafés of Buenos Aires were historical meeting places and part of the collective identity of the city’s inhabitants. In Buenos Aires, the Cafes Notables are also known as, Cafés Porteños, and their design reflects the strong European influence within Buenos Aires. The Cafes are an integral part of Buenos Aires culture and on this cultural city tour you will discover the history of Buenos Aires well kept within the walls of these cafés and bars, and the endless amount of stories that have remained, about their regular and sporadic visitors. The Notable Cafés City Tour visits around 14 bars and cafés across the city, and explores the different eras, classes, and architectural styles of Buenos Aires. Each classic café is selected based on its outstanding decoration, architecture, tradition, ambience and significance in the history of Buenos Aires.

Some of the bars and cafés included in this tour are: London City - Café Tortoni - 36 Billares - Puerto Rico - La Coruña - El Federal - Bar de Hermanos Cao - Margot - Las Violetas - El Banderín - Clásica y Moderna - Gato Negro - La Giralda - El Británico - Bar O Bar - Petit Colón - La Ideal - La Richmond - El Preferido de Palermo - La Nostalgia - El Banderín - Café Café - and many more!

This Notable Cafes city tour is ideal for tourists in Buenos Aires looking to understand where the major political, cultural and ideological movements of Argentina began and where the most prestigious poets, writers and intellectuals found inspiration for their work in Buenos Aires.

  • This tour departs with a minimum of 2 persons. If there are no other passengers, a single booking is treated as a private tour and carries an extra cost. Should you wish to make an individual reservation, please contact our support team to enquire about availability.

  • Please also note that discounts are available for groups (6 people and more). Consult our customer service team for more info.

  • Day and time to be arranged, according to passenger’s schedule and tour guide’s availability.

  • This tour usually visits 5 or 6 Cafés Notables, but it depends on the chosen date, opening times and location.

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